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"Shall not be infringed"

What was the #1 killer of 200 million people across the globe over the 20th century?

It wasn't climate change (sorry Bill Gates), not malnutrition, not even the dreaded covid-19..

It was Government. Approximately 200 million people were murdered at the hands of their own government. In fact, death by government is 20x more common that death by the hands of any criminal.

I guess the well regulated militia to protect against a tyrannical government part is actually legitimate based on the hard numbers.

In fact, a common theme prior to governments committing genocide on mass against their own citizens is "gun control" and "gun confiscation"

In 1938, Mao Tse Tung was famously quoted saying, "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun : You register and ban the firearms before the slaughter". After China established gun control in 1935 10,076,000 of Mao's political dissidents were murdered. Over the next 35 years, between 1948-1952, another 35 million were murdered. That's 1 million Chinese citizens murdered per year over 35 years at the hands of their own government.

China isn't the only government to terminate its own citizens.

Nazi Germany, enacted gun confiscation in 1938. Within 6 years 13 million German citizens who refused loyalty to Hitler were executed.

The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia killed 2 million citizens, 30% of the population! Those first on the list were the educated because they were seen as more of a threat and had to be snuffed out first.

Here are a few more-

->The Soviet Gulag State - 61,911,000

->North Korea - 1.6 million

->Poland (ethnic cleansing) - 1,585,000

->Mexico - 1,417,000

In the United States the second amendment is a form of self preservation for the citizens. It is in fact the only thing making our government think twice before going full authoritarian....although I don't think our senile dear leader has gotten that memo given the fact that he's signing executive orders at the pace of any good dictator.

A common thought among the average American is "that would NEVER happen here!" I always thought that too, but the new administration hasn't even been in power for a month and are making "lists" of political enemies.

I'm sure Mao and Hitler too wrote lists of their political adversaries prior to sending their troops out to exterminate them...I would say the US is sliding into very dangerous territory rather quickly.

Now I'm not trying to get everyone all worked up without providing some evidence as to why I am suspicious of what the government has up its sleeve.

Between 2006-2014, 67 non-military agencies spent 1.48 billion on guns, ammunition, and military style equipment. In fact, non-military federal spending on guns and ammunition jumped a whopping 104% from $55 million (2006) to $112 million (2011). Again these are NON-MILITARY, administrative agencies - here is just a few..

-Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - $815,000 on bullets

-Department of Veterans Affairs - $11 million on guns and ammunition.

-Animal and Plant Inspection Service - $4.77 million on shotguns, rifles, liquid explosives,

propane cannons, pyro supplies, buckshot, LP gas cannons, and drones.

-Animal and Plant Protection Service - $4.8 million on ammunition.

-Bureau of Public Department - $2.8 million on ammunition.

-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - $1million on bullets and 46,000 rounds

of hollow-point bullets

-Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) - the "Special Office of Inspector General"

Agents are being trained by Army Special Forces contractors...

-Social Security Administration - $417,000 on bullets along with 174,000 rounds of hollow-

point ammunition.

-Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - $11 million on guns, ammo, & military equipment

-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - $3.1 million on on guns, ammunition, and military


-Smithsonian - $42,687 on bullets

-Railroad Retirement Board - $6,941 on bullets

In 2013, The Department of Homeland Security issued a purchase order for 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, some of those being hollow-point rounds, which are forbidden in international law per the Geneva Convention. Let me put this into perspective...DHS ordered enough ammunition to sustain a 25 year war. Let me add that DHS had already previously bought 1.5 billion rounds and 360,000 rounds of hollow-point bullets. Thats a grand total of 3.55 billion rounds of ammunition just for the Department of Homeland Security.

Now my only question is....

who exactly is the enemy here?

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