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Sit down, Be Quiet, and Learn.

Has anyone ever wondered why we have compulsory education in the United States? In this country we basically allow our children to be adopted by the state throughout their most formative years. So few people question the education model, and those who do are viewed as "dangerous"...God forbid anyone uses critical thinking to question the status quo. In fact, that immediate reaction thus proves the effectiveness of the indoctrination system. If one is able to think about it rationally and unbiasedly, along with knowing the actual history of compulsory schooling, then the reason our country adopted this method was NOT to educate younger generations. Compulsory schooling cannot and does not teach children in the way they are born to learn.

The past year has been an absolute roller coaster to say the least. I myself have been pushed to my limits when it comes to changing my worldview. I had an awakening in 2020. I always thought that I had based my worldview, thoughts, ideas, strong beliefs, ect. on what I myself believed, however, after much soul searching, hundreds of hours of research (and social isolation due to CV19) I've realized much of what I think I know or believe is because someone else taught me or told me to think/believe a certain way about "xyz" subject.

Over the past few years I've witnessed college students looting and setting fire to their campuses in protest (or temper tantrum) over various guest lecturers with whom they disagreed with politically. I've worked alongside recent college graduates who don't know how to survive in the "real world" - can't write a check, balance a budget, do laundry, and how to raise their credit score. More often than not the young graduates that I've encountered couldn't survive if their parents weren't supporting and coddling them. The critical thinker in me says - what's the point in spending all that time and all that money in school if after graduating they cannot be a functioning adult? They're going to spend another 5-10 years figuring out basic monetary and survival needs.

When I was a student I absolutely hated it. I soon came to the realization of why I hated school while I was researching this particular subject over the summer because I was debating homeschooling my children. History is written by the winners. The history of compulsory schooling, it's original goals and purpose obviously wouldn't be taught in a state run school. This isn't a knock against those in the public education system, but the fact is that teachers and administrators have no idea about this history because they themselves have been "schooled" and conditioned into the system. The curriculum is provided by the state, who have no interest in explaining the insidious reason why this system was developed in the first place.


Most people would probably assume that compulsory education was adopted in the United States to increase literacy among the citizens. That is simply not the case. In Jack Lynch's article "Every Man Able to Read, Literacy in Early America" he displays literacy levels surveyed from legal records of that time period -

-60% literacy among white men between 1650-1670

-85% literacy between 1758-1762

-90% literacy between 1787-1795

-Virtually all women were literate by 1810.

-Boston specifically was close to 100% literacy by the end of the century.

In fact, The Columbian Phoenix and Boston Review stated in 1800 :

"No country on the face of the earth can boast of a larger proportion of inhabitants versed on

the rudiments of science or fewer that are not able to read or write their names more than the

United States of America"

In fact, the concept of tax supported state schools were vehemently opposed by most parents at that time. There was no outcry for it from the parents. They didn't want the state taking control of their children's education. In a pre 19th century report by superintendents of common schools stated "At this time the superintendent's were expressing complete satisfaction with the condition of schooling"

Massachusetts developed the first compulsory school model in 1852 after Horace Mann actively and aggressively lobbied for this model. By 1918 all states had adopted the compulsory school model.

What was this education system based on exactly? The Prussian education model of free compulsory education .

Following the Napoleonic Period and Napoleon's disastrous defeat of Prussia in the Battle of Jena, the Prussian government developed this education model to produce more obedient soldiers and citizens. They ultimately blamed their own citizens lack of morale and allegiance to the state for their defeat. As a result, a new eight year compulsory education program was developed so this never happened again. Along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, this system taught duty, discipline, respect for authority, and the ability to follow orders. This was designed to create social obedience by squeezing out any independent thinking in the population through this indoctrination public school system. The Prussian system defined for the child what was to be learned, what to think about, and how long to think about it. Critical thinking was done away with in order to have a subordinate underclass. The Prussian model of education was NOT created for the good of the individual, but rather the good of the government.

Johann Gottlieb Fichte was instrumental in encouraging and implementing the new Prussian educational model. It should be noted that Fichte was a staunch German nationalist, spoke of Germany's superiority above all else, and the need to expel all Jewish people from Germany...sound familiar? That's right Fichte was the precursor of Hitler's Nazi Party and the rise of Germany's Third Reich. In fact, Johann Gottlieb Fichte is considered the spiritual father of modern neo-nazism.

Historians believe a major reason for Hitler's success and compliance among the German citizens is because they were bred from birth to respect authority without question or pushback.

This begs the questions...why would Horace Mann, "America's father of education", implement a compulsory program where every child spends their most formative years in a system created by the father of neo-nazism? Also if our entire country has been taught for over a hundred years using the schooling model adopted by pre-nazi Germany, created by the father of neo nazism, what are we setting ourselves up for?

The new US education model was characterized by :

-compulsory attendance.

-teacher colleges.

-standardized testing

-national age graded curriculum

-compulsory kindergarten

-seperating subjects into fixed periods of study.

-the state asserting a claim over the rights of the parents.

John Taylor Gatto was an author, New York City school teacher of 30 years, and was named NYC teacher of the year in 1989, 1990, 1991, as well as New York State Teacher of the Year in 1991. Following his career in the public education system he became a vocal advocate against compulsory schooling. Gatto describes the original Prussian model as this :

-develop obedient soldiers to the army

-obedient workers for the mines, factories, and farms

-well subordinated civil servants trained in their functions.

-well subordinated clerks for industry.

-citizens who thought alike on most issues


**this last one is on full display in America right now**

Thomas Alexander, professor of elementary education at George Peabody College wrote in 1919

"We believe however that a careful study of the Prussian school system will convince any unbiased reader that the Prussian citizen cannot be free to do and act for himself; that the Prussian is to a large measure enslaved through the medium of his school that his learning instead of making him his own master forges the chain by which he is held in servitude; that the whole scheme of Prussian elementary education is shaped with the express purpose of making ninety five out of every hundred citizens subservient to the ruling house and to the state."

John Holt, an educator, author, and advocate for home schooling quoted Charles Silverman in his book Instead of Education -

"It is not possible to spend any prolonged period visiting public school classrooms without being appalled by the mutilation visible everywhere - mutilation of spontaneity, of joy in learning, or pleasure in creating, or sense of self … Because adults take schools so much for granted, they fail to appreciate what grim, joyless places most American schools are, how oppressive and petty are the rules by which they are governed, how intellectually sterile and esthetically barren the atmosphere, what an appalling lack of civility obtains on the part of teachers and principals, what contempt they unconsciously display for students as students."

Holt goes on to explain that educators believe one of their main goals is to get ready for reality, the "real world". I mean just turning on the television to the protest of the day will tell you they aren't doing their job...or maybe that is their job.

Niall Brennan wrote in his book Making of a Moron

"Despite all the talk about technology demands of the modern society, or the great need of

education to enable people to meet those demands the fact is that most modern work is

moronic. It needs almost nothing in training or skills, intellectual intelligence, or judgement.

During WWII we found that even the most highly skilled industrial jobs, jobs that people

supposedly had to spend years learning could be learned from scratch in just a few months"

Honestly though, think about your own career, most people in working adult life learn the skills of their particular job on the job. Most college graduates have very little practical knowledge that is useful to their first employer when it comes to what skills they have that are applicable to that particular job. Those skills could have been learned in a few months rather that years of seeking grades and degrees that have nothing to do with the actual career. The grades are gold stars are meant to condition them to obeying authority, recognizing their place in the system, and whatever the knowledge they learned to earn that gold star have zero merit when applied to the career.


For one, compulsory schooling sends an underlying message of distrust and contempt. It subtly implies to the student that the only way they can be educated is by the authority figure at the head of the classroom. It also implies that "WE" (the state) have decided what you "NEED" to learn. The world is just to complicated for you to learn about what you want to learn about, therefore the state will decide what you can learn. It drives home that learning is separate from the rest of life. If you want to learn something of importance it must be taught by an authority figure in the sterile classroom.

Implementing a state curriculum uses conformity to dumb the population down. It makes them indifferent, emotionally dependent, intellectually dependant, and teaches self confidence based on constant validation by authority figures. Free thought and free learning is discouraged. This can breed depression, anxiety, and discourages them to WANT to learn. Standing, answering without being called on, or using the restroom without permission is met with discipline. Implanting in a young mind if they do not obey and conform, they will not be a successful human being in the future. Constant surveillance reminds students that they are under constant supervision from authority figures. Good grades are stressed, not actually competence in what was learned in the classroom. Memorization and regurgitation are more important than absorbing and understanding the subjects learned in the classroom. Exhibiting any independent thought and critical thinking is dismissed.

As an example of this, my niece was learning about 9/11 last year in her Middle School social studies class. She told her teacher that she doesn't believe the official government narrative of what happened that day and that our government knows more than they are letting on. She was immediately dismissed and condescendingly talked down to in front of her peers. Regardless on your personal thoughts on 9/11...what does that do to an 11 year old's psyche? I'm sure the next time she has an independent thought in class she'll be very reluctant to share that with the teacher for fear she'll be ostracized and humiliated in front of her peers again. My niece was told not to follow her instincts and only the teacher knows the truth (which clearly he does not when it comes to 9/11). THAT is why kids hate school. Joyful, engaged learning requires FREEDOM.

Compulsory schooling implies that an education is not something you do yourself, it's something forced. You get educated. It's scarce, valuable, and expensive. You can only receive an education by someone who has it..if you sit down and shut up like a good little boy/girl. Any independent critical thinkers that deviate from this are put in their place. Unfortunately, quality thinkers are critical thinkers and the quality of our future depends on the quality of our thinkers. Quality thinkers are in short supply these days. If fact, after the 1st two years in college 45% of students show no gain in critical thinking...I thought that's what higher education was for no?

It teaches our children that some people are more valuable than others because they have much more knowledge than others and because they have this knowledge they have the right to tell others what to do, how to behave, and when they can use the restroom.

THIS MESSAGING LEADS US AS A SOCIETY TO BELIEVE THE DEVINE RIGHT OF SO CALLED "EXPERTS" ...(In Corona times..."trust the science"," trust the experts", "I follow the science")

Basically, the "state" has had their claws in us since before we could read. As school aged children we are controlled - what we can do, what we have to learn, how to learn, what we cannot learn, what we can read, what we cannot read. We are graded and ranks amongst our peers based on how well we memorize and regurgitate the lessons taught. Throughout schooling during our most formative years we are naturally conditioned to believe that throughout life - in any situation - there must be "experts" out there who know better than we do, what the best path is, and what we should do next.

Some teachers and administrators believe that making children stay in line and behave will make them moral people when in fact any morality is destroyed in school. Morality can't be forced, coerced, or disciplined into a person. Morality is taught by treating others with compassion, morality, and equality, not like a subject. Like other coercive institutions, prisons/jails, traits such as morality, justice, and virtue are not being bred on school grounds. Punishment for mistakes are though.

Schooling punishes children for making mistakes. This is actually anti education. It is ingrained in us that failure is bad when in fact, failure leads to knowledge and learning. We succeed in life by making mistakes, growing, and overcoming each mistake. Teaching children that failure is not an option stunts their growth in knowledge. Children who play it safe become adults who are good obedient employees, who play it safe, don't think outside the box. The majority of middle and lower class adults do not have the creative imagination needed for entrepreneurial success because of the fear of failure.

If fact, I believe the job of the educator is simply how to teach children how to be a good employee. Go to school, graduate, get a job, retire, and die. Why aren't public schools teaching about money? Money makes the world go seems teaching the next generation about how our monetary system works would be a no brainer. However, they aren't taught actual knowledge like accounting, debt, and taxes. Of course they aren't taught any of this. It's not in the government's best interest to teach their population about our worthless fiat currency, unconstitutional Federal Reserve, debt based monetary system, and government thievery through taxes.

Compulsory schooling is a way to produce a predictable, homogenous, safe population to eventually be sorted into various occupational categories based on what the current economy demands. It's a way to manage populations. By conditioning and colonizing the minds of the young throughout their most formative years eventually they will become their own police as adults, policing their peers so called deviant actions...such as being an "anti masker".

The public education model trains and conditions us to be subservient and obedient to government. No matter how unlawful, unreasonable, and unconstitutional the commands may be, we are taught to OBEY. And why wouldn't it? The government runs it.

It's a devilishly clever, self perpetuating system. This system ensures that citizens won't care or even notice the basic violation of human rights. We have state schools teaching our children about the Bill of Rights while simultaneously violating the Bill of Rights. We're seeing it right now with the mask crap. We're trained to snitch on each other and self censor ourselves because these roots are so deeply ingrained from when they were implanted in us at a very young age through state education.

After much research, forced masking in schools, and a mandatory flu shot for all students attending public school I withdrew my children from the public school system. It's the best thing I could have done for them.

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