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Skull & Bones

The order of Skull & Bones is an undergraduate fraternal secret society at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. It's one of the "big three" societies at Yale along with Scroll & Key and Wolf's Head Society. New members, or "bonesmen", are selected every spring as a part of Yales "tap day". Membership was exclusively for only white, Protestant, males until 1992. It is suspected, to be the foundation of United States intelligence agencies. When you look at the laundry list of alumni and their ties to intelligence it seems to be undeniable. If not ties to intelligence agencies, it's clear that Skull & Bones has a symbiotic relationship with the ruling elite.

Skull & Bones, also referred to as "The Order", "Order 322", or "The Brotherhood of Death", was founded by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832. William Russell was heir to the Russell & Company fortune. The bulk of their wealth was accrued through the opium trade-essentially making the family 19th century drug kingpins. To this day, the Russell Family Trust alumni organization, owns the organizations, real estate, and oversees the membership of Skull & Bones. Association Alphonso Taft was the founder of the powerful Taft political dynasty. His son, William Howard Taft became the 27th President of the United States and 10th Chief Justice of the United States making him the only person in US history to hold both offices.

Skull & Bones, and many other secret societies have clubhouses called "tombs". Unlike a normal fraternal house the tombs are made of thick sandstone and marble so sound cannot escape. The skull and crossbones, or symbol of beath, is the initiation symbol. During a Skull & Bones initiation ceremony the initiate is placed in a coffin naked where they have to tell the other bonesmen their deepest darkest secret. Their motto is "might is right. If you have the power to use it to achieve your objectives". The objectives of the society is power. Acquire power, keep power, and use power.

The number 322 is of particular importance and is associated with the order.

"According to Skull and Bones lore, in the year 322 B.C. a Greek orator died. When he died, the goddess Eulogia whom Skull and Bones called the goddess of eloquence, arose to the heavens and didn't return until 1832, where she took up residence in The Tomb of Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones does everything in deference to this goddess. They sing sacred anthems, and are encouraged to steal things, some remarkably valuable items, to bring back as gifts for the goddess. They begin each session in the tomb, and they meet twice weekly by unveiling a guilt shrine to Eulogia. They call themselves the Knights of Eulogia."

The sum constituent parts of 322 is 7 (3+2+2). Subsequently, there are 7 days in a week, 7 colors in the rainbow, and octaves into 7 notes in musical scale. As a life path number, sevens tend to be loners, have an air of mystery around them, pessimistic, secretive, intuitive, and analytical. This will become relevant in regards to the intelligence agencies ties to Skull & Bones.

322 can also be broken down as 32x2. On a chess board there are 32 white squares and 32 black squares. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is sometimes referred to as the "devils chessboard" engaging in US foreign policy as if it was playing on an international chess board, overthrowing leaders, decimating, and dominating foreign countries as if it was a sick systematic game of chess.

In numerology 22 is the master builder. There 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet are also 22 bones that make up the human skull.

Bonesmen date from year 322 B.C. rather than the common era. 322 B.C. marks the death of Greek orator Demosthenes. After his death, Athenians were forced to dissolve their government and establish a plutocratic system, or a society ruled by people of great wealth - the elite class. Coincidentally, most Skull & Bones alumni move onto careers in powerful positions of government, media, intelligentsia, corporations, and intelligence - all of which shape society. Are these people helping to shape society into a plutocratic system?

Skull & Bones also has Illuminati and Freemason ties. The motto of the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is "ORDO AB CHAO", or "Order out of Chaos". Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago mayor and former Democrat congressman from Illinois famously said :

Do you see where I'm going here? It's my contention that elite collegiate secret societies, including Skull & Bones, make up the core of our government and intelligence agencies. Some notable members include:

-Charles Seymour (1908) Yale President and Founding member of the Council on Foreign

Relations (CFR)

-Harold Stanley (1908) co-founder of Morgan Stanley

-Albert DeSilver (1910) co-founder of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

-George Leslie Harrison (1910) former President of the Federal Reserve Bank.

-Averell Harriman (1913) businessman and founding partner in Harriman Brothers & Co

later Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, US Ambassador, Secretary of Commerce, NY Governor

Chair and CEO of Union Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad.

-Prescott Bush (1917) father of President George H W Bush and grandfather of President

George W Bush, co-founder of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. which also included 8 other

former bonesmen.

***Brown Brothers Harriman funded Hitler during WWII***

-Briton Hadden co-founder of Time magazine along with other Yale classmate and fellow

bonesman Henry Luce.

-Russell Wheeler Davenport (1923) editor of Fortune Magazine, also created Fortune500

-George Herbert Walker (1927) co founder of NY Mets, uncle to George H W Bush.

-HJ Heinz II (1931) heir to H.J. Heinz Company *John Kerry married into the Heinz Family

Dynasty, and is also a fellow bonesman*

-Tex McCrary (1932) journalist, PR and political strategist to President Eisenhower.

-John Jesus Angleton - OSS Officer (precursor to CIA). Founding member of the CIA. Head of

CIA's Office of Special Operations in 1947, Appointed by Allen Dulles in 1954 as chief of

counterintelligence until his resignation in 1974. He was often referred to as the "mother of

the CIA.

-Charle S. Whitehouse (1947) CIA agent (1947-1956)

-George H W Bush (1948) 41th President and 11th director of the CIA

-William Sloane Coffin (1949) former CIA agent.

-Bill (William) Buckley Jr (1950)former CIA agent and founder of National Review.

-John Forbes Kerry (1966) 68th US Secretary of State (2013-2017), US Senator for

Massachusetts (1985-2013), Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts (1983-1985)

2004 Democratic nominee for President.

-George W Bush (1968) 43rd President of the United States.

-Stephen Allen Schwarzman co-founder of Blackstone Group

***see my previous piece on DNA data***

-Steven Mnuchin (1985) former US Treasury Secretary.

-Austin Goolsbee (1991) staff director and chief economist to President Obama.

In the 2004 Presidential election, George W Bush and John Kerry went up against each other for the Presidency. Skull & Bones members are often portrayed as opposing sides using the Hegelian Dialectic - thesis + antithesis = synthesis. This is a theory that in order to make progress throughout history there must always be conflict. Essentially behind the scenes people who appear to be opposed politically, industrially, or financially are actually working together. Skull & Bones tends to pick new members with opposing ideologies.

Here is what George W Bush and John Kerry said when asked about their membership in Skull & Bones :

It's clear that the Order of Skull & Bones is not just another collegiate fraternal order. Bonesmen work throughout their lifetime to complete the goals of the order. Skull & Bones literature doesn't appear to have the interests of the American people at heart, but rather a ruthless drive for power - at all costs. Through opposing forces they create profit, power, and can direct industry to their ultimate means. Bonesmen are guaranteed success as long as they gear their lives and career towards the objectives of the order they will have success and power.

When you look at many of the members individually, especially those in high government positions, their biggest accomplishments lay the foundation for a New World Order, or a one world government plutocratic feudal system where the elites rule.

They play the long game, knowing this ultimate goal likely won't happen in their life, or even subsequent generations, but they lay the groundwork during their reign of power as a stepping stone to that ultimate antithesis.

For example:

President Taft's tried a new approach to US foreign policy known as "dollar diplomacy". The goal was to use diplomacy, rather than bullets, to create stability abroad by using private capital to further US overseas interests. This policy was put into action by Secretary of State, Philander C Knox. Knox was a corporate lawyer and founder of conglomerate US Steel. They attempted to help China withstand Japanese aggression in the region. With international funding the US worked with the Chinese government to expand railroads in the country - I'm sure Knox lined his pockets as well being he also controlled a US Steel conglomerate. This policy furthered tensions in the Pacific region, eventually coming to a head 30 years later in WWII.

The funding of Adolf Hitler prior and during WWII was provided through Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, which was founded by fellow bonesmen Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman. Brown Brothers Harriman and Morgan Stanley also built up and funded the Bolshevik Revolution, Russian Revolution and USSR through Wall Street financing. During the Bolshevik Revolution they set up two opposing forces for WWII using the same bank, Guaranteed Trust Co. (Inside Money : Brown Brothers Harriman and the American Way of Power by Zachary Karabell)

Another bonesman and former intelligence agent, Archibald MacLeish became the first American member of UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. He also wrote the preamble in their 1945 Constitution, "since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed". UNESCO's goal is to shape GLOBAL solutions for crisis through sharing throughout participating countries. UNESCO is effectively another building block for a scientific, educational, and cultural global arm of the United Nations. The US left UNESCO during the Reagan Administration in 1984, sighting corruption. In 2003, the US re-joined during the Bush Administration only to pull out again in 2018. Today there are calls mainly from left wing for the Biden Administration to re-join following the CV-19 "pandemic" of 2020.

President George W Bush further eroded Constitutional freedoms and liberty in the U.S following the attacks of 9/11/2001 when the "Patriot Act" was signed into law (coincidentally this was sitting on his desk ready to sign prior to 9/11, but that's a different conversation). This allowed the federal government to surveil US citizens under the guise of "safety". The Patriot Act is still continuing today. The intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley have a symbiotic relationship nowadays. With the technological innovations of big technology - use cell phones, the internet, social media, ect the federal government knows everything about you. With the development of precise algorithms they know you better than you know yourself.

Secret Society members are also behind the creation and funding of certain non profit's and political think tanks such as the Trilateral Commission, ACLU, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR is a foreign policy based organization established in 1919 that is committed to a one world government based on a centralized global financing system. One of the founding members, Edward Mandell House of the Wilson Administration, helped pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 16th Amendment using Federal income tax to fund government debt. Both the Federal Reserve and income tax are illegal under the US Constitution.

Since its inception, the CFR has been dedicated to controlling members of government, businesses, journalists, religious leaders, and civilians on foreign policy. It uses its members to inject these ideas and agendas into the public forum in order to shape society according to its will.

What exactly does the CFR control?

-over 75% of the nations wealth

-the CIA & State Department, and have placed more than 100 CFR members in every

Presidential administration since Woodrow Wilson.

The CRF works to misinform and disinform the current President - always acting in the best influence of the CRF - NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

President Joe Biden is a member of the CFR

There are CFR members in top positions of :

-legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.

-television, radio, and newspaper corporations.

-law firms

-private foundations and corporations.

-think tanks

-university institutes

-top ranking military

In fact, for the past 80 years, behind virtually every key US National Security and Foreign policy decision has been a CFR member pulling the strings.

What exactly are the goals of the CFR? Well since its founding in 1921 (most of the founding members were also Skull & Bones members) the goals have been the same...

Advocate for a global government superstate where each nation will sacrifice its power

and sovereignty.

This agenda is usually pushed through wars, i.e. helping the globe defeat "terrorism" through the guise of "safety" and "security" (common theme). Coincidently the government going to save the day is more often that not the entity funding and creating the enemy with the purpose of eventually coming to the rescue.

Climate change has been the most recent fabrication shoved down our throats...although that didn't create enough fear in the global population (also kind of hard to be afraid of climate change when those pushing the "the coastal cities will be underwater" fear porn throughout their Presidency then leave office to buy a multi million dollar estate on Martha's Vineyard - not exactly helping the cause dear leader.

I we have CV19. Falls in line with the playbook it is the perfect agent for a global takeover. It's caused more fear than terrorism because after 9/11 the war was fought overseas - out of sight, out of mind. The climate change fear wasn't effective enough because it didn't affect the average Americans daily life. It was just another enemy they didn't see and feel the effects of.

CV19 is the ultimate weapon for a budding global dictatorship, NWO, or Great Reset. It's another unseen enemy we have to "fight" but it's up close and personal. Friends and loved ones passing away or becoming ill, job loss and decimating the economy to "fight the invisible enemy, and a muzzle strapped to everyone's face as a constant reminder to live in FEAR. Americans in general are extremely narcissistic and can be easily used as pawns to be pitted against each other. The constant fighting about masks, vaccines, or mr potato head and the CFR goons in the media pushing this constant fear agenda the global takeover is underway.

I urge everyone who reads this to research every WORD of recent executive orders via the Biden Administration. The recent like public private partnership between major US corporations, banking institutions, and the US government. Which includes using your "environmental score" (yes that's a thing now) to determine if you can acquire a loan in the future. We are running full speed into a CCP distopiya and no one has a clue.

Those behind this global takeover used our weaknesses to their advantage - while we fought amongst friends & family, they swindled the country. While we hid in our homes, they systematically removed our rights. While we yelled at a stranger for not wearing a damn mask, they stole our children's future.

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